Warts, planter warts or verrucae are a benign thickening of skin caused by human papillomavirus infection. These can spread and become uncomfortable to walk on.

Not sure if you have a wart? It may be a corn. See our ‘Corns Vs Plantar Warts – The Ultimate Guide‘. 

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What Is A Wart?

Plantar Warts (verrucae pedis) are non-cancerous skin growths on the soles of the feet caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) which enters your body through tiny cuts and breaks in your skin. Plantar warts often develop beneath pressure points such as the heels or balls of your feet following minor trauma to the skin and may not present for up to 6 months following initial infection.

You should see your Podiatrist or Doctor if your warts become painful, change size or colour or if they multiply or interfere with your daily activities.

Signs And Symptoms

  • Small, fleshy, or grainy bumps on the soles of the feet
  • Hard, flat growths with a well-defined border and a rough surface.
  • Bumps that interrupt the normal lines or ridges in the skin of the feet
  • Pain with squeezing if in non-pressure areas
  • Lumps with one or more black pinpoints (clotted blood vessels)

Treatment Of Plantar Warts

The best available evidence in the medical literature is for simple topical treatments containing salicylic acid applied every 1-2 weeks. A cure rate of 73% was described with this treatment compared with 48% in controls. Your Podiatrist will discuss the frequency of treatment and how long treatment may take.

Risks Of Treatment

The aim of wart treatment is to destroy live (though infected) skin: therefore, pain can occur with treatment. Levels of pain can vary and should you have any concerns about pain levels, discuss them with your Podiatrist.

Ulceration of the skin can occur with treatment. This should heal without scar formation if you follow your Podiatrist’s advice. Infection of the wart site could occur. If you follow your Podiatrist’s instructions this risk should be minimized.

The human body is a complex structure and like many things in medicine, we can provide no guarantees of the effectiveness of treatment. We can only keep up to date with the latest, quality scientific research and make this available to you to help make your decision.

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