Ankle Injuries

Ankle Injuries

If you suffer an ankle pain often the tendons and ligaments are under excessive strain and need some external support. This may involve braces, orthotics and an exercise rehabilitation program.

Ankle Injuries

Ankle Sprains

There are different types of ankle sprains that can occur and the best treatment for each type is slightly different.
Low Ankle (Inversion) Sprain

This type of ankle sprain occurs when the foot and ankle are forced to rapidly roll outwards and downwards. With this type of sprain, the three small ligaments on the outside of the ankle are easily damaged.

High Ankle (Eversion) Sprain

This type of sprain occurs when the foot is forced into a rolled-in or pronated position. With this type of sprain, the strong group of ligaments about the inside of the ankle and the structure that stabilise the two leg bones during walking and running (the syndesmosis) can be damaged.

How Do We Treat Ankle Pain

Initial treatment of any musculo-skeletal injury should follow these basic principles.
  • Protect the ankle from further damage.

  • Off-Load the damaged tissue structures.

  • Ice the area to reduce heat with inflammation.

  • Compression to help reduce swelling and immobilise the ankle.

  • Elevation to reduce swelling.

Long term treatment involves:
  • Strengthening exercises to condition the ligament and supporting muscles and tendons to take greater load.
  • Shockwave Therapy to breakdown scar damaged tissue and stimulate healing Dry Needling to help improve flexibility and mobility of supporting muscles and ligaments.

Don’t underestimate the possible long-term consequences of a poorly managed ankle sprain.

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