Achilles Pain

Achilles Pain

What Is Achilles Pain?

Achilles Pain is a degenerative process caused by a sudden change in the loading of the tendon. This damage will lead to abnormal function, changes to the micro-cellular structure, a lower tolerance for stress in the tendon, pain and abnormal thickening. These degenerative changes are called Achilles Pain.

Achilles pain

What Do Tendons Actually Do?

  • Our tendons need to be strong enough to tolerate a high static load,
  • They need to be able to move while having a load applied to them.
  • Tendons need to be able to store and explosively release energy.

These three functions allow us to move, walk, hop, run and jump.

How Do We Treat Achilles Pain?

  • The initial step is to accurately diagnose the tendon problem (including requesting Ultrasound investigation)

  • Develop a plan for managing pain in the tendon using isometric strengthening exercises and ice.

  • Reduce the damaging load in the tendon via strapping, activity and footwear modification, gait retraining and appropriate orthotic intervention.

  • Manual therapies such as shockwave, massage, dry needling can accelerate the healing process.

  • Once pain and strength improve, modify exercises to stress the tendon while moving prescribe exercises to work on explosive power (plyometric exercises)

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