Fungal Nails

Fungal Nails

Fungal nail is the condition where nails that have been infected by a fungus commonly the Trichophyton Rubrum species. Fungal nail causes discolouration of the nail so it has yellow, green or white blotches and streaks and sometimes there is darkening of the surrounding nail plate.

Fungal toenail infections can be difficult to treat. Fungal nail infections are unsightly, they can be smelly and painful when your wear closed-in shoes. 

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What Are Fungal Nails?

Fungal nail infections are most caused by fungi called dermatophytes following some sort of trauma to the toenail. Once the fungus has infiltrated the nail structure, it sets about doing what fungus does in nature; it begins to compost the toenail.

Fungal nail infections typically cause the nail to become discoloured and thickened. One nail or many of the nails may be affected. An offensive odour can sometimes be associated with the infection.

How I Know If I Have Fungal Nails?

Infected nails demonstrate some or all the following characteristics:

  • discolouration (white, yellow, or green streaks)
  • thickening
  • changes to the nail shape
  • the nail may breakdown and fall off.
  • a distinct odour can accompany the infection.

Typically, fungal nail infections can be easily diagnosed in the clinic by the appearance, changes, and odour of the toenail. Here at Leading Edge Podiatry, we also offer a specialist in-clinic fungal nail test called Diafactory. The Diafactory fungal nail test has a sensitivity of 97% with means it will pick up 97 out of 100 fungal toenail infections in the clinic.

How Do We Treat Fungal Nails?

The aim of treatment for a fungal nail infection is to kill or remove the fungus from the toenail and allow a healthy nail to regrow. When you have had a fungal nail infection there is a possibility of permanent damage to the nail growth point of the nail if the fungus has been present for a long time or is particularly severe.

  • Anti-fungal nail lacquers
  • Oral Medication
  • PactMed – involves the use of a unique catalyst gel combined with a special high-powered LED light.
  • Foot hygiene to reduce excessive sweat and moisture.

For help with Fungal Nails, call us on 08 7120 6063 or book online with our experienced team at Leading Edge Podiatry.

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